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You know, some people on both sides may not like what I’m about to say, and I’ll probably get a lot of heat, but whatever. I believe it with every fiber of my being.

Christians need to be standing with homosexuals right now. Not for a “right” to “marry” (which I do not feel exists, or should). Why? Because, believing as I do that most homosexuality stems from a lot of darkness and pain in the life of an individual (from a host of causes), I equally believe that the Gospel, and those who bear it, are here to reach out to broken people, no matter the sin, for we ourselves are broken people redeemed by nothing but God’s good graces! We are no better! I know there are wonderful exceptions, but often times, I feel the worst for homosexuals who are stuck between a rock and a hard place: the rock being a church that too often wants to avoid real talk about real life issues, and would rather be in happy Jesus land (a false Jesus, in a made-up fantasy world, not the one we live in), and the hard place being a world that doesn’t have a clue about its own sexual brokenness, and seeks to justify it in any way it can. We have people in the church who act like homosexuality is worse than any other sin (how convenient for them!), who refuse to exist in genuine relationship with one another (thus shielding themselves from the darkness and pain so many of their Christian brothers and sisters carry, and are afraid to reveal for fear of rejection), and thus perpetuate the darkness they are so willing to attack in the public square, but so unwilling to lovingly confront in private, where it really counts. We have guys in the church so willing to throw around the word “homo” and “gay” and “fag” as an epithet, completely unaware (and don’t really care?) about the damage they are doing, and machos that condemn homosexuals, but sleep around, watch pornography, and all sorts of other things. Is it any wonder we have a world that is so utterly confused on this subject? Homosexuals are made into this almost un-redeemable, “weird,” disgusting class of people by too many “Christian” (who have forgotten their own filthy rags; Isaiah 64:6) and I am tired of it. I am also tired of a world trying to foist this indefensible definition of “marriage” onto all of society.

I cannot affirm the homosexual agenda not because I hate homosexuals. Quite the contrary. I have seen too many men and women who have been so hurt in their pasts (sexual abuse/experiences, absent fathers and mothers, family breakup, etc.), and so unsure of how to deal with it that homosexuality is the way they turn for love and affection, a universal human desire, but misdirected. I cannot affirm the homosexual agenda because my heart aches for these people and I want better for them, not because I hate them. God forbid. But I also cannot stand with those who self-righteously act as if homosexuality is beyond redemption (maybe not with their words, but by their actions). If they know Jesus, they know Him only superficially. Nothing is beyond His reach, His power, His love, or His care. But the same Jesus who extends His loving hand no matter what calls ALL of us to “sin no more” (John 8:11). He came to seek and find THE LOST (Luke 19:10), not sing Kum-By-Ya with everyone and leave them comfortable in their sin, but show them a better way, to bring us back to our Creator Father and His wonderful purpose and plan for our lives. He calls all of us to repent, so we have no excuse (John 15:22). He has told us the state of our heart. We either listen to Him and follow, or we don’t. Jesus can’t just be a “good guy” who doesn’t care about the sin we each have. That’s why He came! You think a guy who dies on a cross to bear the weight of sin doesn’t think sin is a big deal? None of us has a right to embrace our sin because that is “who we are.” Jesus disagrees, but offers to show us who we are really are, and to adopt us into the family of God. We all need to take it or leave it.

To all my gay friends, I do not say homosexuality is okay, but I love you to pieces, and I’ve got my own crap in my own life that I desperately need God for. I’d love to get to know you better, and while I’d love for you to know about Jesus, I’ll love you regardless of how you feel about Him. You are welcome here, who you are, your opinions, and everything else.